Rump Roast - Whole
Whole  Beef Rump Roast
Whole Rump Roast Cut For Jerky

Rump Roast - Whole

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Instead of pieced rump (like the Rolled Rump Roast), these are Whole Rump Roast cuts. This fall-apart roast is a crock pot favorite. Add veggies and broth and you've got dinner ready when you walk in the door!


To simplify the buying process for our customers, our beef is priced for the weight range it falls in.

The BEST Beef Jerky (Adapted from

Slice Whole Rump Roast against the grain about 1/8th inch thickness. Marinate in your favorite jerky seasoning (wet or dry marinade) for at least 8 hours before cooking. Preheat your smoker to 170 degrees at high smoke. Pat jerky slices dry and place on the smoker to cook 2-3 hours (thicker slices can take up to 4 hours) or until you can bend the jerky and it slightly splits. Start checking the jerky at 1 hour and rearrange in the smoker to avoid hot spots overcooking the beef. Once jerky is at desired doneness, place directly into your mouth while it's warm and you'll have zero worries in the world. OR place it in a ziptop baggie, but do not seal bag shut entirely. Allow it to cool and then decide if you're going to share any at all. Keep refrigerated up to 2 weeks.

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