About the Farm

In the drought of 1988, a young row-crop farmer took a chance, and bought his first small herd of cows. Since then, his dreams of raising healthy, well-bred cattle on land that’s carefully and thoughtfully managed, have evolved into the superior-quality beef product that we offer today.

We raise our cattle from start to finish in the rolling hills of North Central Missouri. Calves are born in the Spring and Fall and grow up in lush pasture that is rotationally grazed. Once the cattle have reached a proper age, we enhance their grazing diet with corn that is planted, raised, and harvested right here on our farm. All of our beef is antibiotic free, and we never implant our calves with hormones because we know that their high-quality diet and our authentic animal practices produce a healthier quality beef.

We raise our cattle the right way; the way that respects the animal and the land it grows up on. Our Third-Generation farm wants nothing more than to offer what we love, to you: Beef that is nutritious, of superior-quality, and damn delicious.  

  Straight Line Beef Co is owned and operated by
Rick & Barbara Ellsworth
Chet & Lindsey Ellsworth
Jacob & Tracie Ellsworth
Our family is deeply grateful to have the opportunity to provide the best beef possible to you.
Thank you for your business!