Boneless Beef Chuck Roast
Chuck Roast - Boneless

Chuck Roast - Boneless

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The great pot roast favorite only Boneless! Excellent in all slow-cooked beefy meals, but put this guy on the smoker and you might never put it in a crock-pot again! From "Poor Man's" Burnt Ends to pulled BBQ Beef, the Chuck Roast has all the flavor and marbling to make your mouth water.


To simplify the buying process for our customers, our beef is priced for the weight range it falls in.

Poor Man's Burnt Ends Recipe:

You'll Need: Smoker, Chuck Roast, S&P or your favorite Beef Rub, Peach Butcher Paper, Disposable Foil Pan, BBQ Sauce, About 1/4 C Brown Sugar

Preheat your Smoker to 225 degrees and high smoke. Season thawed roast with your favorite BBQ Beef Rub and pop it in the smoker until it reaches an internal temp of 165 degrees (around 4-5 hours). Remove the roast from the smoker and wrap tightly in Peach Butcher Paper. This will allow the roast to continue to take on smoke while trapping in moisture. Put the roast back on the smoker and continue cooking at 225 degrees until the roast reaches 195 degrees internal temperature (another few hours). Once temp is reached, remove the roast from the smoker, unwrap it from the paper but save the juices the Disposable Pan. Let the roast sit for just a minute then cut into about 1 Inch Cubes. Resist eating the cubed roast as it is and place them in the Disposable Pan. Generously drizzle with BBQ Sauce and sprinkle Brown Sugar over the top. Mix together then place the pan back on the smoker for another 45 minutes or so until the cubes have reached 202 Degrees internally and the sauce has thickened. Remove from smoker and allow to cool 10 minutes or so... if you can last that long. Devour that meat candy!

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