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100 % ALL Beef Burger Patties
100% ALL Beef Burger Patties
100% ALL Beef Burger Patties

Burger Patties - Third Pounders

Regular price $9.79

Burger Flavor

Our Third Pound Patties are pre-formed to give you an edge on dinner or time to actually enjoy that BBQ you're hosting! Throw these on the grill for a fast meal that's sure to please! Each package includes 4 - Third-Pound ground beef patties, weighing on average 1.3 pounds per pack and priced at $7.59/lb, it's a budget-friendly, time-saving meal for the family!

Check out our Pre-Seasoned & Flavorful Specialty Patties for just $2.20 more per pack!

The Cheddar Burger - Packed with Cheddar Cheese!

The Rodeo Burger - Packed with Mozzarella Cheese, Onions, and Special Seasonings!

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